Weak Foot, bilateral:

Weak Foot, bilateral:

Bilateral foot weakening, now and then called drop foot, is an overall term for trouble lifting the forward portion of the foot. In the event that you have Bilateral foot weakening, the front of your foot may delay the ground when you walk. Bilateral foot weakening isn't a disease. Or maybe, it can be considered as an indication of a basic neurological, solid or anatomical issue.

Mostly bilateral foot weakening is transitory; however, it very well may be lasting. In the event that you have Bilateral foot weakening, you may have to wear a support on your lower leg and foot to stand firm on your foot in a typical situation.


Bilateral foot weakening makes it hard to lift the forward portion of your foot, so it may delay the floor when you walk. This can make you raise your thigh when you stroll, like climbing steps (steppage walk), to help your foot clear the floor. This strange stride may make you smack your foot down onto the floor with each progression. Now and again, the skin on the highest point of your foot and toes feels numb. Contingent upon the reason, Bilateral foot weakening can influence one or the two feet.

When To See A Specialist

On the off chance that your toes drag the floor when you walk, counsel your primary care physician.


Bilateral foot weakening is brought about by shortcoming or loss of motion of the muscles associated with lifting the forward portion of the foot. Reasons for Bilateral foot weakening may include:

  • Nerve injury
  • A nerve root injury
  • Muscle or nerve problems.
  • Cerebrum and spinal cord issues. Issues that influence the spinal rope or cerebrum

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