What We Do

Partnering with benefit consultants, we submit Independent Medical Opinions and can assist you in obtaining VA medical benefits.

The VA has been known to have a corrosive culture in the past. The Wall Street Journal reports that wait times at the VA are 50% longer than what was reported two years ago. Making appointments at the VA can take up valuable time. The average wait period for the first available appointment can be anywhere from 1 to 3 months. No one has time to waste when it comes to your life and valuable time when having to go back and get reevaluated for something that is already in your record. Have our Certified Doctors Panel take a look at all of your existing documentation. He will be able to find things that the VA did not acknowledge in your first rating evaulation. Don't waste your time going back to do another exam that yields the same results. Let Certified Doctors Panel do all the work with the IMO he writes on your behalf.

Our Doctors Panel is board certified in:

  • Get the rating you deserve, not just what the VA thinks you should receive.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you will have all your benefits given to you.
  • No more headaches or hassles fighting with the VA alone, let our team provide the IMO needed.
  • Our staff help support veterans benefit claims first come, first served. If you have an emergency situation which cannot wait please notify us by logging into your account and send a message via the message board.
  • Our staff will ask you for a list of your medical issues and your goal for your veteran benefit claim. Based on your information, we will establish a flat fee for your independent medical opinion.
  • Our Doctors often finds relevant medical information in a veteran’s file that previously has been overlooked. Frequently, the veteran’s diagnosis is modified or changed, based on follow up medical appointments. An accurate diagnosis leads toward a fair and rational analysis of the case. Our review of past and present medical records will allows us to give a better assessment of the level of disability. Careful and early attention to the details of your case could save years of appeals, and help you arrive at a higher disability rating sooner. However, it is never too late to get an independent medical opinion.