About Us

At KDVMA, we are dedicated to assisting veterans in their pursuit of VA disability benefits by providing expertly crafted Nexus Letters and Independent Medical Opinions (IMOs). Our mission is to empower veterans to effectively navigate the complexities of the VA compensation claims process and obtain the benefits they rightfully deserve. 

Compassionate Support:  We understand the unique challenges veterans face, and we're dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized support throughout the claims process pertaining to the medical process.

Expertise and Credibility:  We take pride in the expertise and credibility of our medical professionals. Our team includes licensed physicians and their support staff with extensive experience in relevant medical fields. 

Supporting Appeals:  If a veteran's claim has been previously denied or requires an appeal, our team is equipped to provide additional support. We can review existing medical evidence, address any shortcomings, and prepare compelling IMOs to strengthen the appeal.