VA Presumptive List

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The VA presumptive list states the links that justify a veteran's current medical condition with their active-duty military service. It shows that an honorably discharged veteran is suffering from the current medical condition (disability) because of their military service, which makes the veteran highly deserving of the VA disability benefits. 

However, all this is not that easy. The VA often rejects the claims because of a lack of supporting documents and an inaccurate or missing VA Presumptive list. So make sure that this doesn't happen in your case, consult the experts at KDVMA for help with your VA presumptive list and get your claim approved easily! You can trust our experts who specialize in assisting discharged military veterans in obtaining these advantages, so you do not face any difficulties.

The Benefits You Can Get!

These benefits include the entitlement to compensation and medical treatment for any disabling medical condition that arose or worsened while serving in the military. The US military has gracefully given the VA Presumptive List for veterans who have served in the military to compensate for the medical damages during duty. This list indicates that if veterans who served in X location/circumstances during particular years got Y or Z ailments, those conditions would be considered service-connected. Documents proving that the vet was at that location/circumstance at the time are all that is required as proof.

Unless otherwise specified below, all veterans must have served at least 90 days of active, continuous service to be eligible.

Why Consult KDVMA?

Unfortunately, availing of these military benefits is not easy. The process is long and confusing for a veteran to collect the earned benefits granted by law, mainly if an aggravated injury caused the medical condition. The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), like all bureaucracies, is responsible for its application of federal law governing a veteran's claim to compensation. Your disability claim will be denied if your medical records do not support your claim—with the specific evidence VA demands. This is reflected in the high proportion of disapproval (more than 70%). So to avoid all these hassles, you need reliable assistance like KDVMA. Our licensed professionals are highly experienced and perfectly familiar with the VA system. Our doctors frequently unearth essential medical information in a veteran's file that has previously gone unnoticed. Complete research is performed and Based on this thorough evaluation of the veteran's medical records by one of our doctors, the veteran's diagnosis is frequently amended or revised. A correct diagnosis leads to a fair and rational examination of the situation. Our doctors' thorough examination enables them to assess the veteran's disability level accurately. Paying close attention to the details of your case early on can help you avoid years of appeals and get a higher disability rating sooner. It is, however, never too late to seek medical advice from a trusted source.

Get the Professional's Assistance and Easily receive your VA benefits! 

Our professionals review your medical records extensively, saving you time and money by avoiding years of appeals and denied claims. We have a team of board-certified physicians at KDVMA who will review your medical records. Because of their knowledge, experience, and competence, you can quickly get your discharge benefits. Our experts' counsel will give you the right advice to which you are entitled as a veteran. So you don't have to worry about your claim being denied, we'll offer you independent medical opinions and assist you in applying for VA medical benefits. This will bolster your case and speed up the process of getting your well-deserved compensation.

So, schedule an appointment with one of our experts today, or visit our website to get our trusted services and get the veterans benefits you deserve!