C&P Exam

How Can an IMO help with Your C&P Exam?

An Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) can play a significant role in a Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam for veterans seeking disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Here's how an IMO can help with a C&P exam:

Unbiased Evaluation:  An IMO provides an unbiased assessment of the veteran's medical conditions. It comes from a medical expert who is not affiliated with the VA and does not have any personal interest in the outcome of the claim.

Clarification of Medical Evidence:  In some cases, the veteran's medical records may not fully explain the extent or cause of their conditions. An IMO can help clarify medical evidence, connect symptoms to service-connected events, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the veteran's health status.

Assessing Service Connection:  For a disability claim to be approved, there must be a connection between the claimed condition(s) and the veteran's military service. An IMO can provide a medical opinion on whether the condition is related to service, which is crucial for establishing service connection.

Evaluating Aggravation or Worsening:  An IMO can help determine if a pre-existing condition was aggravated or worsened during military service. This information is essential for determining the level of disability compensation.

Resolving conflicting Opinions:  Sometimes, multiple medical opinions may conflict regarding the cause, severity, or service connection of the claimed conditions. An IMO can provide an additional perspective to help resolve these conflicts and provide clarity.

Supporting Claims for Secondary Conditions:  Veterans may also claim secondary service connection, meaning a condition was caused or worsened by a service-connected disability. an IMO can support the link between the primary and secondary conditions.

Supporting Appeals:  If a claim is initially denied or rated lower than expected, an IMO can be crucial evidence in an appeal to challenge the decision and provide additional medical rational.