C&P Exam

Receive Your C&P Exam Easily With KDVMA

Looking for expert consultation to easily receive your C&P Exam? Well if yes, then look no further, because KDVMA is here to help you! When you apply for your VA disability compensation, you may need to take a C&P exam to verify your injury or illness caused by service. In addition, we may require you to have a claim test after you make your disability benefits claim (also known as a compensation and pension, or C&P, Exam). Find out the most frequently asked questions regarding the VA claim test.

The best way to get an accurate C&P exam is to get the KDVMA expert's help. 

Why You Need the C&P Exam

This test will assist you in determining your level of disability. Your rating will be determined by the severity of your condition and will have an impact on the amount of disability compensation you get. Monthly payments and membership in the VA health care program are examples of possible compensation.

You might be thinking that does everyone have to give the Exam? The answer is No. only those whose claim needs to have further verification and tests are supposed to take the C&P Exam. 

Preparation For Your C&P Exam

Here is how can prepare better for your C&P Exam;

  • Examine your military, VA, and personal medical records.
  • Look over Title 38, Part 4, Schedule for Rating Disabilities in the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • You're not having the best day of your life.
  • Be uncomfortably exposed.
  • Describe how your limitations affect your career, life, and social interactions.
  • Know your genuine story as well as any in-service stressor incidents like the back of your hand.
  • Provide a full account of your life before, during, and after service to the C&P examiner.

How To Pass Your C&P Exam

Show up in the manner in which you appear on any particular day. The impression an examiner has of you can influence his report, and in some situations, their interpretation of test data that you submit can influence the VA's rating decision. If you're unable to work because of PTSD, don't make it appear otherwise. We are not recommending that you be dishonest; on the contrary, you should be as open and honest as possible.

How Can KDVMA Help in Getting Your C&P Exam

To receive a proper rating, a C&P Exam does not need to be very extensive. All that is required at the C&P Exam is that the correct information is recorded. However, working on your claim with an expert is the safest approach for a successful claim.

At KDVMA, we have a team of board-certified physicians and C&P exam professionals that will go over your medical records. This will help you receive your C&P Exam easily and will increase your claim. Make your claim application as simple and quick as possible with KDVMA today. So, call us at 678-349-1816 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts, or visit our website, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.