Ankle replacement (prosthesis)

Ankle replacement (prosthesis)

Prosthetic replacement of ankle joint:

Description Percentage

For 1 year following implantation of prosthesis

Description Percentage

With chronic residuals consisting of severe painful motion or weakness

With intermediate degrees of residual weakness, pain or limitation of motion rate by analogy to 5270 or 5271.

Description Percentage

Minimum rating


Note: The term "prosthetic replacement" in diagnostic codes 5051 through 5056 means a total replacement of the named joint.  However, in DC 5054, "prosthetic replacement" means a total replacement of the head of the femur or the acetabulum.

Note (1): The 100 pct rating for 1 year following implantation of prosthesis will commence after initial grant of the 1-month total rating assigned under § 4.30 following hospital discharge.

Note (2): Special monthly compensation is assignable during the 100 pct rating period the earliest date permanent use of crutches is established.

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