Ulcer, duodenal:

A duodenal ulcer is a sore that structures in the lining of the duodenum. Your duodenum is the initial segment of your small digestive tract, the piece of your stomach related framework that food goes through straight after it leaves your stomach.

Side Effects Of A Duodenal Ulcer

In the event that you have a duodenal ulcer, you may:

  • have torment in the stomach or midsection (this may go back and forth and is diminished by eating or taking an acid neutralizer)
  • having an acid reflux
  • feel full and bloated in the wake of eating
  • have a feeling that you may vomit (sick)
  • getting thinner

Infrequently, an ulcer can cause genuine complexities. It is considered serious if following symptoms persist:

  • you have a sharp torment in your stomach that doesn't disappear
  • your vomit or stools (crap) look grisly or a dark tone

On the off chance that you are worried about signs relating to duodenal ulcer, you can utilize online services to check related symptoms to get exhortation on the following proper medical services steps and when to look for clinical consideration.

How Is Duodenal Ulcer Diagnosed?

To analyze a duodenal ulcer, your primary care physician will converse with you and inspect you. They will likely additionally run a few tests, which could include:

  • a gastroscopy (likewise called an endoscopy), where an expert uses a dainty, adaptable cylinder with a camera on the finish to glimpse inside your stomach and duodenum
  • a blood test, feces test, or breath test to see whether you have a H. pylorus in your framework

On the off chance that you have a gastroscopy, the specialist may take an example of tissue (a biopsy) to test for H. pylori.

What Causes Duodenal Ulcer?

Your stomach makes an extremely strong acid that eliminates germs and causes the digestion of food. To save themselves against this acid, cells of the stomach and duodenum make a boundary from this fluid.


The fundamental cause of this infection is with microorganisms called Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori. The microscopic organisms can make the lining of your duodenum become  and an ulcer can occur.

Description Percentage

Severe; pain only partially relieved by standard ulcer therapy, periodic vomiting, recurrent hematemesis or melena, with manifestations of anemia and weight loss productive of definite impairment of health

Description Percentage

Moderately severe; less than severe but with impairment of health manifested by anemia and weight loss; or recurrent incapacitating episodes averaging 10 days or more in duration at least four or more times a year

Description Percentage

Moderate; recurring episodes of severe symptoms two or three times a year averaging 10 days in duration; or with continuous moderate manifestations

Description Percentage

Mild; with recurring symptoms once or twice yearly


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