A thorough study of all material in §§4.121 and 4.122 of the preface and under the ratings for epilepsy is necessary prior to any rating action.

Mental Disorders in Epilepsies:  A nonpsychotic organic brain syndrome will be rated separately under the appropriate diagnostic code (e.g., 9304 or 9326). In the absence of a diagnosis of non-psychotic organic psychiatric disturbance (psychotic, psychoneurotic or personality disorder) if diagnosed and shown to be secondary to or directly associated with epilepsy will be rated separately. The psychotic or psychoneurotic disorder will be rated under the appropriate diagnostic code. The personality disorder will be rated as a dementia (e.g., diagnostic code 9304 or 9326).

Epilepsy and Unemployability:

(1) Rating specialists must bear in mind that the epileptic, although his or her seizures are controlled, may find employment and rehabilitation difficult of attainment due to employer reluctance to the hiring of the epileptic.


(2) Where a case is encountered with a definite history of unemployment, full and complete development should be undertaken to ascertain whether the epilepsy is the determining factor in his or her inability to obtain employment.


(3) The assent of the claimant should first be obtained for permission to conduct this economic and social survey. The purpose of this survey is to secure all the relevant facts and data necessary to permit of a true judgment as to the reason for his or her unemployment and should include information as to:


                        (a) Education;

                        (b) Occupations prior and subsequent to service;

                        (c) Places of employment and reasons for termination;

                        (d) Wages received;

                        (e) Number of seizures.


(4) Upon completion of this survey and current examination, the case should have rating board consideration. Where in the judgment of the rating board the veteran’s unemployability is due to epilepsy and jurisdiction is not vested in that body by reason of schedular evaluations, the case should be submitted to the Director, Compensation Service or the Director, Pension and Fiduciary Service.

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