Subastragalar or tarsal joint, ankylosis of:

Subtalar Or Tarsal Arthrodesis

At the point when a subtalar arthrodesis is required, I utilize long little screws embedded from the dorsal part of the tarsal neck coordinated in various projections into the calcaneus. Huge screws ought not be embedded into the bone from base to top, on the grounds that the heading of the screws is erratic. Addition of the right length of screw additionally is troublesome, on the grounds that it might adjoin the undersurface of the talar part, causing relocation. The top of the screw should not adjoin the foremost edge of the talar segment, since development of the screw can lift it up off the bone.

Transformation of lower leg arthrodesis to a prosthesis is actually conceivable however is a mind boggling methodology. Despite what has been depicted in the writing to date, this is a rescue method proceeded as an option in contrast to removal. Contender for this strategy ought to have serious agony in the hindfoot, with no chance of transformation to a dish taller arthrodesis. In the event that the lower leg combination has been fruitful, as a confined system and subtalar as well as cross over tarsal joint inflammation is the best if not the necessary method. The ideal patient for this system is somebody who gives an agonizing nonunion of the arthrodesis, with avascular sclerotic bone edges, and for whom a correction arthrodesis presents further potential for disappointment.

Subtalar Joint

The subtalar joint is a verbalization between two of the tarsal bones in the foot – the bone and calcaneus. The joint is classed fundamentally as a synovial joint, and practically as a plane synovial joint. The subtalar joint is framed between two of the tarsal bones:

Second rate surface of the body of the bone – the back talar articular surface.

Unrivaled surface of the calcaneus – the back calcaneal articular aspect.

As is common for a synovial joint, these surfaces are covered by articular ligament.

Tarsal Joint

The tarsal joint, likewise, alluded to as the midtarsal or Chopart's joint, crosses the foot evenly in a S-formed bearing, interfacing the hindfoot and midfoot.

Description Percentage

In poor weight-bearing position

Description Percentage

In good weight-bearing position


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