Polycythemia vera:

Requiring peripheral blood or bone marrow stem-cell transplant or chemotherapy (including myelosuppressants) for the purpose of ameliorating the symptom burden.

Description Percentage

Requiring phlebotomy 6 or more times per 12-month period or molecularly targeted therapy for the purpose of controlling RBC count

Description Percentage

Requiring phlebotomy 4-5 times per 12-month period, or if requiring continuous biologic therapy or myelosuppressive agents, to include interferon, to maintain platelets <200,000 or white blood cells (WBC) <12,000

Description Percentage

Requiring phlebotomy 3 or fewer times per 12-month period or if requiring biologic therapy or interferon on an intermittent basis as needed to maintain all blood values at reference range levels


 Note (1): Rate complications such as hypertension, gout, stroke, or thrombotic disease separately.

 Note (2): If the condition undergoes leukemic transformation, evaluate as leukemia under diagnostic code 7703.

 Note (3): A 100 percent evaluation shall be assigned as of the date of hospital admission for peripheral blood or bone marrow stem cell transplant; or during the period of treatment with chemotherapy (including myelosuppressants). Six months following hospital discharge or, in the case of chemotherapy treatment, six months after completion of treatment, the appropriate disability rating shall be determined by mandatory VA examination. Any reduction in evaluation based upon that or any subsequent examination shall be subject to the provisions of §3.105(e) of this chapter.

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