Leg, limitation of flexion of:

Flexion is the clinical term for twisting of an arm or leg. Technically talking, it's an actual position that diminishes the point between the bones of the appendage at a joint. It happens when muscles agreement and move your bones and joints into a twisted position.


Hyperflexion or limited motion of flexion happens when a joint is flexed past its ordinary scope of motion. When the joint is hyper flexed, it is moved past the most extreme safe flexion. Such extraordinary development can conceivably bring about injury issues to the restricting tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Knee solidness, or all the more precisely, a limit in scope of movement, is a possible inconvenience after any intra-articular or extra-articular injury. It tends to be brought about by a flexion contracture, an extension contracture or a consolidated contracture (influencing both flexion and extension) comparative with the contralateral side (if solid). 

Description Percentage

Flexion limited to 15°

Description Percentage

Flexion limited to 30°

Description Percentage

Flexion limited to 45°

Description Percentage

Flexion limited to 60°


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