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Hypothyroidism manifesting as myxedema (cold intolerance, muscular weakness, cardiovascular involvement (including, but not limited to hypotension, bradycardia, and pericardial effusion), and mental disturbance (including, but not limited to dementia, slowing of thought and depression))


Note (1): This evaluation shall continue for six months beyond the date that an examining physician has determined crisis stabilization. Thereafter, the residual effects of hypothyroidism shall be rated under the appropriate diagnostic code(s) within the appropriate body system(s) (e.g., eye, digestive, and mental disorders).

Description Percentage

Hypothyroidism without myxedema


Note (2): This evaluation shall continue for six months after initial diagnosis. Thereafter, rate residuals of disease or medical treatment under the most appropriate diagnostic code(s) under the appropriate body system (e.g., eye, digestive, mental disorders).

Note (3): If eye involvement, such as exophthalmos, corneal ulcer, blurred vision, or diplopia, is also present due to thyroid disease, also separately evaluate under the appropriate diagnostic code(s) in §4.79, Schedule of Ratings--Eye (such as diplopia (DC 6090) or impairment of central visual acuity (DCs 6061-6066)).


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