Group XIV. Function: Extension of knee (2, 3, 4, 5); simultaneous flexion of hip and flexion of knee (1); tension of fascia lata and iliotibial (Maissiat’s) band, acting with XVII (1) in postural support of body (6); acting with hamstrings in synchronizin

Posture is characterized as the mentality expected by the body either with help over the span of solid movement, or because of the organized activity performed by a gathering of muscles attempting to keep up the dependability. Different postures include:

Extension Of Knee

Knee extension is the movement of making the joint point bigger, or for this situation fixing the knee. Knee extension works your front thigh muscles (quadriceps).

Knee hamstrings in synchronizing

Quadriceps and hamstring muscle co-contraction preceding and following heel-strike in walk is a usually noticed system of the harmed, ligament and post-careful knee joint

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Moderately Severe

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