VA Disability Ratings for Ankle Ankylosis

VA Disability Ratings for Ankle Ankylosis

Posted On: Sep 05, 2023

Ankle ankylosis is a service-connected disability that may qualify veterans for VA disability benefits. If you have ankle ankylosis, you can get the benefits you are entitled to by learning how the VA calculates disability ratings.

This article will explain VA disability rates for ankle ankylosis so you're well-prepared.

What is Ankle Ankylosis?

Multiple conditions and traumas may lead to ankle ankylosis, the fusion or immobilization of the ankle joint. Extreme discomfort, diminished mobility, and a lowered standard of living are all possible outcomes of this condition.

VA disability benefits may be available if you have ankle ankylosis and can prove your military service caused it.

VA Disability Ratings Explained

The VA uses a disability rating system to determine the level of a veteran's disability. Disabilities are rated on a scale from 0% to 100%, with higher scores indicating higher levels of disability. Range of mobility and total functional impairment were considered when determining the rating for ankle ankylosis.

Key Factors in Rating Ankle Ankylosis

  • Range of Motion: The VA will evaluate how immobile your ankle is to assign you a disability rating. You could get a better rating if your ankle can't be moved at all.
  • Pain and Functional Impairment: Ankle ankylosis, discomfort, and functional disability are all considered by the VA. It may manifest as an inability to walk, stand, or perform daily activities.
  • Recurrent Flare-Ups: The VA may increase your disability rating if you suffer from frequent, severe flare-ups of your disease.
  • Use of Assistive Devices: Using braces or a cane to help you walk can impact your disability rating.

Common Disability Ratings for Ankle Ankylosis

  • 0% Rating: Ankle ankylosis may be rated as 0% if the patient's restricted range of motion does not lead to functional impairment or discomfort.
  • 10% to 30% Rating: It is the normal range for those with mild ankle ankylosis, which may be caused by functional impairment and discomfort.
  • 40% to 60% Rating: Veterans with severe ankle ankylosis, which severely limits their ability to move and causes persistent pain, often fall into this group.
  • 70% to 100% Rating: Complete immobility, chronic disease, and significant functional limitations are the signs of the most severe disability ratings.

How to Apply for VA Disability Benefits

If you have ankle ankylosis and want to apply for VA disability benefits:

  • Gather Medical Evidence: Gather any documentation related to your health, including notes from doctors and hospital records.
  • File a Claim: File your claim on the VA's website or at a VA office near you. Be careful when providing any documentation that has been requested.
  • Attend Medical Examinations: The VA may want to arrange a medical checkup to determine how severe your problem is.
  • Await a Decision: The VA will determine your disability rating after analyzing your application and supporting medical documentation.

Appealing a Decision

You may file an appeal with the VA if you disagree with their rating determination. To successfully navigate the appeals process, you may employ an attorney or get help from veterans' support organizations.