VA Disability Claims That Cannot Be Proven

VA Disability Claims That Cannot Be Proven

Posted On: May 25, 2023

Generally, the VA can deny your disability benefits claim not supported by medical evidence. However, to know why it happens, we must understand how the VA evaluates whether or not to provide disability compensation and ways to prove your eligibility. In this guide, we’ll discuss eligibility criteria, the proof needed, and the VA disability claims that can’t be proven.

Veterans Who Are NOT Eligible For Disability Benefits

Below is a list of military veterans who aren’t eligible for VA disability benefits:

  •  A Veteran didn’t serve any time on their active duty military orders.
  • A veteran has a “Dishonorable” discharge that has not been upgraded.
  • A veteran has a “Bad Conduct” discharge that has not been upgraded.
  • A veteran has an “Other Than Honorable” discharge that has not been upgraded.
  • A veteran’s disability is due to their own willful misconduct.
  • A veteran was a conscientious objector who refused to perform military duty, wear their uniform, or comply with any lawful orders of the competent military authority.
  • A veteran obtained a sentence from the GCM (General Court-Martial).
  • A veteran was discharged under resignation by the officer for the betterment of the service.
  • A veteran was discharged for Desertion.
  • A veteran was found to be an alien throughout hostilities.
  • A veteran was AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) for at least 180 days.

Eligibility Requirements For VA Disability Claims

They're usually three basic criteria veterans must meet to become eligible for VA disability claims:

  • You have a current VA disability or mental or physical or health condition;
  • You experienced an injury, disease, or incident during your military service;
  • Your current condition, illness, or disability was caused or worsened by your active duty service.

Not every veteran will be eligible to obtain VA disability benefits, and even those eligible may get a VA claim denial. The VA disability claims procedure is complex, but with proper knowledge, you may put your best foot forward in your disability claim.

Is There Any VA Disability Claim That Can’t Be Proven?

The answer is YES; a few VA claims simply can’t be proven. It is because, without authentic evidence of your disease, injury, or illness, time in the military, and the connection between them, you don’t have a valid case for VA disability benefits. It indicates you haven’t met VA’s requirements, and your disability claim application will be denied. But nothing to worry about. If your in-service injury, disease, or event caused or worsened your illness or disability, there are numerous ways to prove it.