Increase VA Disability from 80 to 100

Increase VA Disability from 80 to 100

Posted On: May 22, 2023

Do you qualify as a veteran with an 80 percent disability rating from the VA? Have you seen a change in your health or believe you deserve a better rating? Increasing your VA disability rating to 100 percent is a great way to increase your financial assistance and other benefits. 

Here, you'll find advice on improving your VA disability rating and access to the benefits you are entitled to.

What is the VA Disability Rating System?

Understanding that process is essential to increasing your VA disability rating from 80% to 100%. The VA employs a sophisticated rating system to determine the extent of its disability compensation for service-connected individuals. 

The scale goes from 0 to 100 in 10-point increments. Benefits are proportional to the percentage of the rating corresponding to the level of disability.

Review Your Medical Documentation:

Examine your medical records with caution to ensure that they appropriately represent the extent of your service-connected disability and its effects on your life. To present full proof supporting your case for an increased rating, you must have any medical documents that need to be updated or updated before receiving a medical report.

Seek Medical Opinions and Nexus Letters:

Talk to doctors who focus on the condition(s) you're experiencing. Their specialized knowledge and nexus letters may be useful in proving the severity of your service-related disability. These records may serve as crucial evidence to support your request for an increased disability rating.

Submit a Fully Developed Claim:

You may submit a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) to speed up the review process. By submitting an FDC, you can show that you have thoroughly prepared your claim and have all the essential documentation at hand. Taking these preventative measures will likely speed up the time it takes to settle your claim.

Request a Re-evaluation:

They may be reconsidered if your condition has worsened since your last decision. Please include the latest medical documents and comprehensive comments outlining how your disability has worsened and its increasing effect on your everyday life. 

If your current condition improves, your assessment score could go up.

Gather Statements from Family, Friends, and Co-workers:

Gather statements from close friends, relatives, and co-workers who can attest to the impact of your service-connected disability on your everyday life. Their statements can serve as persuasive proof to support your request for a better evaluation.

Collaborate with a Veterans Service Organization (VSO):

If you need help understanding and filing your VA claim, consider working with a VSO. A VSO may advise and analyze your case throughout the appeal or claim filing process and provide important support through its extensive expertise in fighting for veterans.

Highlight Total Disability Individual Un-employability (TDIU):

You may be eligible for Total Un-Employable Individual Disability (TDIU) payments if your disabilities make it impossible to work in any capacity. Compensation from TDIU is paid at the 100% rating level regardless of whether or not your combined rating is 100%. Consult with a VSO for further information on this potential outcome.

Keep Track of Changes in Your Condition:

Record your health status and any changes you might see. Update your claim with new proof if your disability worsens or if you develop a new disease. Keep lines of communication open with your healthcare team to ensure the most up-to-date medical records are being kept.

File an Appeal if Necessary:

Consider appealing the decision if your request for a higher rating is initially refused. Collaborate closely with your VSO to bolster your position and submit a strong case to the Board of Veterans' Appeals. You need to keep at it if you want your disability rating raised.

Empowering Your Journey to 100 Percent VA Disability:

It takes hard work, planning, and a complete grasp of the VA disability rating procedure to get from 80% to 100%. Make your case, compile supporting evidence, and work with seasoned experts to maximize compensation. 

Act now to increase your VA disability rating by making your claim. Always consult a professional for assistance with your VA disability claim since each case is unique. 

I wish you the best of success as you work to improve your VA disability rating and get the benefits you are entitled to.